Impeachment boomerang

Politically, by the time the 2020 election heats-up, the Ukrainian-related impeachment initiatives will turn against the Democrats, assuming Joe is still in the race. The issue will be used to highlight Hunter Biden’s drug abuse and his privileged career ascent (that’ll be a sub-narrative). That narrative will, in turn, amplify the larger narrative of the hypocrisy of the “Liberal elite”, thereby strengthening Trump’s base.

Impeachment won’t matter. Fifty or a thousand impeachments won’t matter. Establishment Democrats are out of touch with today’s political dynamics, and so are professional pundits. (BTW, these talking heads are hell-bent on killing true social and economic reform. Trump delivers them ad revenue, as well as the distractions to keep the Dildo-sucking factories in business. Those factors alone guarantee a 2020 Trump win. )

That’s not to say impeachment shouldn’t proceed, it’s just that the yoke of neoliberal dopery keeps steering us closer toward societal quicksand.

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