The Slightly Attenuated Third Reich

In a slightly alternate reality in which the Third Reich didn’t go as far as mass murder and instead configured its society something like this:

  • separate restrooms for the Jewish community and other non-Aryan groups
  • a ban on marriage between Aryans and non-aryans
  • decades-long sentences given to non-aryans for minor infractions and misdemeanors. Aryans are rarely similarly punished.
  • only aryans are permitted to ride in the front of trolleys
  • occasional beatings and hangings of non-aryans in the deeper regions of the Black Forrest by the “extremists” wearing white lederhosen and medieval helmets in drum circles. The Gestapo would sometimes investigate and engage in prosecution theater to mollify protestations. It did not, however, declare the behavior terrorism nor a threat to national security.
  • party members and celebrities wearing something called “Jewnose” or “Gypsy Skirt” as an “innocent” form of fun and entertainment, while taking immense offense and outrage when called out
  • using complex home ownership schemes and laws to keep non-aryans living apart from aryans and keep to them economically/socially disadvantaged without being overtly nazi-ish about it. The initiative is called The German Ambition.
  • designing public transport in cities to make it virtually impossible for non-aryans to access certain aryan zones while keeping up the facade of free movement and economic mobility. All citizens are free to realize The German Ambition and great joy through hard work and perserverance
  • the cause of the resulting poor economic conditions of non-aryans are laid upon their laziness or greedy reliance on (or self-entitlement to) big government welfare. Jewish conspiracies are invoked as well.
  • government-subsidization of large-scale corporate and private going concerns are touted as validation of aryan individualism and proof of the the triumph of German innovation and enterprise
  • sneering at Jewish and Romani music on radio shows as primitive as inferior to the Western European Tradition – and even as not music at all (without any references to music theory). Jazz is denigrated as an example of Jewish-control of African Americans and perversion of Western culture. Most aryans can’t make sense of Jazz and it goes over their heads, so it isn’t considered a major threat to auditory purity. Everyone outside Germany and the United States appreciates Jazz and this puzzles the Reich.
  • dissent is categorized as Marxist or as influenced by Marxist-infiltrated institutions which must at all times be struggled against. This is called “Our fight”.
  • punch cards are used to tabulate citizen demographics. Corporations are hired to supply data analytics on non-aryans to maintain computational apartheids.
  • a few rabbis are elevated/blackmailed into prominent positions within the political-media complex to simultaneously mock the Jewish faith while showing how the “right kind” of Jewish thought, speech, and behaviors should align with the one true Providence. Synagogues are closely monitored while attacks on them are curiously overlooked or explained as elitist false flags
  • the Party declares anti-Nazis (or “Antina”) a growing national danger. The term Antina is eventually used to label any group or any person that the state and its supporters deem a threat and as pretext for arrest and incarceration
  • students are required to take a morning pledge of fealty to the Party’s flag and instilling rhetorical shaming-mechanisms for anyone who questions or declines participation in the practice
  • invading or clandestinely intervening in countries thousands of miles away either based on a “chain reaction theory” to halt the spread of communism and socialism, or to defend the Spirit of Individualism and Free Will to Power around the world

That’s still a pretty effed-up place imo. It’s not mass murder. But it’s effed-up nonetheless.

Anyway it’s purely fictional. An insane thought experiment, and in no way, shape, or form close in concept to a nation such as The United States of America. Any similarities are purely coincidental.