Storming CapitAl Hill

I know our attention is focused on ensuring that trashy dickgoons don’t control government and hang us for wearing anti-death masks, but we still have a problem.

I hope some of the takeaways from what happened this week aren’t that we need better security on Capitol Hill or that the system can function normally again.

No. We don’t need to hyperfund the dumb cop system. That’s precisely what got us here!

We shouldn’t want the response to amateur fascist goonery to be a “united, more secure America”. A nation united is literally a fascist nation.

The real victors here are those who want a governance that is both antithetical to social progress (economic human rights) and submissive to the accumulation of capital (self-actualized corporate personhood).

Having a government that hermetically seals-in bipolarized sides is just as good as one completely at mercy: it allows wealthy special interests to continue their projects, while letting spectacle veil what happens everyday to everybody.

We’re distracted by the spectacle of the crimes of last week’s punishable sedition. But the real sedition that should occupy our attention is the Status Quo. It’s the Great Sedition. Its launch occurred at about the June 23, 1947 mark.

The fact is, we the people do need to have our own ways and means of ‘storming the Capitol’ when its inhabitants and patrons shit on us.

The dickgoons stormed for the wrong reasons – in fact they stormed for no reasons in that they didn’t even bear a list of concrete goals – only abstract resentments rooted in apophenia, boomer memes, and shitty weed.

Still the question: What are a people to do when the bureaucracy of the system gives them no power to effect change, patronizingly promises change if only they would just vote, and mocks anyone who proposes alternative visions?

Granting more powers to the current bicameral governance so that it can keep shitting on us will only lead to the rise of professional fascist goonery.