While there is time…

The worse things get, the more optimistic I become. Politics isn’t broken. It’s working, but it’s working only for the people who are working the politics. Ergo, an antidote to political despair is knowledge that politics works. Change the inputs, change the outputs – no matter how small their weights and sizes. Investing one hour… Continue reading While there is time…

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The Slightly Attenuated Third Reich

In a slightly alternate reality in which the Third Reich didn’t go as far as mass murder and instead configured its society something like this: separate restrooms for the Jewish community and other non-Aryan groups a ban on marriage between Aryans and non-aryans decades-long sentences given to non-aryans for minor infractions and misdemeanors. Aryans are… Continue reading The Slightly Attenuated Third Reich


The internet was engineered to connect machines. It wasn’t designed to connect people. But since people were able to use it – to metaphorically and literally plug into it – the internet has succeeded in connecting people to machines. People-to-people connection through the internet is not only absolutely machine-bound, it is machine-centric. It’s not merely… Continue reading H8TP://

Impeachment boomerang

Politically, by the time the 2020 election heats-up, the Ukrainian-related impeachment initiatives will turn against the Democrats, assuming Joe is still in the race. The issue will be used to highlight Hunter Biden’s drug abuse and his privileged career ascent (that’ll be a sub-narrative). That narrative will, in turn, amplify the larger narrative of the… Continue reading Impeachment boomerang