The Amerikkkan Project: Status Readout

  • Antisemitism strategically ramping-up
  • Brutalization of black lives intensifying
  • Transgender lives publicly bullied and murdered
  • Abortion rights dissolving
  • Euthanasia floated in the press
  • Books banned
  • Unions busted
  • School boards infiltrated
  • Militarized police hyper-funded with endless donuts and capacities for extra judicial confinement and murder.
  • Lone wolf shootings increasing
  • Insurrectionists scot-free and in office
  • Horse-faced pipe bomber uncharged and on Congressional committees
  • Billionaire-funded right-wing operations succeeding
  • Corporations salivating at the prospects of corporate-fascism’s benefits: reduced wages, absolute control over labor, and lucrative contracts in exchange for loyalty
  • NYT pieces defending anti-trans bullies
  • Public campgrounds converted into homeless camps
  • A thoroughly useless Democrat establishment counting down to retirement

TL;DR So far, the Nazis are winning.