While there is time…

The worse things get, the more optimistic I become. Politics isn’t broken. It’s working, but it’s working only for the people who are working the politics. Ergo, an antidote to political despair is knowledge that politics works. Change the inputs, change the outputs – no matter how small their weights and sizes. Investing one hour… Continue reading While there is time…

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Subconscious Dystopia

We don’t talk about this much, if at all, but the damage to the collective _sub_consciousness of the last several years must be brutal. Years of Trump’s insanity; the persistence of nazi agitation; Zoom entombment; the worsening of mental instability of our sibling (rivalry) society; mismanaged virtual education; the need for covid precautions; the funding… Continue reading Subconscious Dystopia

A Seditious Nation

We are underestimating the impacts that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have had on its veterans. They’re small but relevant contributions to current conditions. Those impacts weren’t just PTSD. They were ideological too: when veterans returned they were shit upon by the very people who sent them there. (Neither Bush nor Biden are innocent… Continue reading A Seditious Nation

Storming CapitAl Hill

I know our attention is focused on ensuring that trashy dickgoons don’t control government and hang us for wearing anti-death masks, but we still have a problem. I hope some of the takeaways from what happened this week aren’t that we need better security on Capitol Hill or that the system can function normally again.… Continue reading Storming CapitAl Hill

The Grip

We are under the illusion that Democracy is an automated system that somehow runs in the background, and that all we need to do is to make the right choice with voting machines every so often. We bargain: we vote against the worse choice and promise ourselves this one time is different – we’ll have… Continue reading The Grip

The Slightly Attenuated Third Reich

In a slightly alternate reality in which the Third Reich didn’t go as far as mass murder and instead configured its society something like this: separate restrooms for the Jewish community and other non-Aryan groups a ban on marriage between Aryans and non-aryans decades-long sentences given to non-aryans for minor infractions and misdemeanors. Aryans are… Continue reading The Slightly Attenuated Third Reich

America’s Sensory Perception Disorder

Coronavirus: We were instructed not to panic in advance of a self-evident threat, when panic (taking sensible precautions and reasonable measures) could have averted both economic and biological catastrophe. 911: We were instructed to panic after the attacks, when panic (bomb someone/anyone, sht your pants and run when you see a Moozlum, give away civil… Continue reading America’s Sensory Perception Disorder


The internet was engineered to connect machines. It wasn’t designed to connect people. But since people were able to use it – to metaphorically and literally plug into it – the internet has succeeded in connecting people to machines. People-to-people connection through the internet is not only absolutely machine-bound, it is machine-centric. It’s not merely… Continue reading H8TP://